What Does a Rangefinder Do – How to Choose Golf Equipment?

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If you were to ask a golfer why they didn’t have a rangefinder, the most popular answer would be that they’re too expensive, when in reality, it’s the perfect tool that you need to make the most out of your time on the greens.

They are an investment, but as someone who regularly plays golf, you’re going to get more use out of one than you think, which is why they are easily one of the most popular golfing accessories in the world.

For people who have never had the opportunity to use a rangefinder before, you might be wondering, what does a rangefinder do? The answer is relatively simple in terms of the benefits that it can bring to your golfing game, but there are dozens of advanced mechanical functions that the unit is responsible for to help you elevate your game.

What is the Main Purpose of a Rangefinder

What is the Main Purpose of a Rangefinder?

Aside from giving you more information about the course that you’re playing on, such as the measurements of slope or other obstacles, a rangefinder is a phenomenal way to help you save shots and catapult ahead on the scorecard. However, using one might not always mean success, as you will still need some golfing knowledge behind you to play the best game possible.Many golfers also find that using a rangefinder can be preferable to having a caddy, especially if you have to pay someone to transport your clubs for you and give you tips about playing on different holes. Depending on the rangefinder you choose, you’ll have all of the information you need to make more informed uphill and downhill shots, as well as being able to choose the right clubs for every swing.

The Different Types of Rangefinders

There are two main types of rangefinders that you’ll find: GPS and laser. In most cases, your rangefinder will measure distances with the help of a laser, as GPS models can become a hefty expense over time. This is because aside from buying the unit, you’ll also have to pay a monthly subscription fee to help pinpoint your location on the green and the location of the hole you’re working towards.

The Different Types of Rangefinders

Laser Rangefinders

When using a laser rangefinder you will need to have your target within your view, as you’ll need to lock it in with the help of crosshairs in the objective lens of the device. Once the target has been acquired, the laser rangefinder will do all of the calculations to determine an accurate distance measurement between you and the target.This is all done with the help of a laser which is shot out of the end of the rangefinder whenever you pull the trigger. The laser will hit the objective, bouncing back to the unit and giving it the ability to calculate distance.The main downfall to learning what a rangefinder does with a laser model is that it might take several tries before you get it right. Not only will you be responsible for making sure that your target is within your view, but you’ll also be responsible for locking onto the target, which can be a little more difficult at a distance. However, if the laser rangefinder doesn’t lock on right away or displays an error code, you can always try again.

GPS Rangefinder

Although it is by far the most expensive option of the two, many golfers prefer to use a GPS rangefinder, especially if they are beginners who are learning about them.You can easily buy one from any sporting store and it works similarly to a traditional car GPS where you’ll have to buy subscription packages and maps that outline the different golf courses you play on. Before you head out onto the green, you’ll have to install the golf course map to the GPS unit.Once you’re on the green, you can choose to either carry the GPS with you, or you can attach it to your golf cart, depending on your personal preference. You’ll have to select the hole that you’re playing, and then it will calculate the distance from where you are to your target. Depending on the quality of the GPS rangefinder, it may automatically shift to the next hole for you and calculate the measurements in advance.

How to Choose the Right Rangefinder

With dozens of different models on the market in both the laser and GPS variety, it can seem relatively impossible to choose the right golf rangefinder for your needs. However, it’s quite simple as long as you have a strong understanding of what a rangefinder does With its ability to easily measure the distance between you and your target so you can make the most informed swings possible, you’ll be surprised at how many shots you’ll save in an average game of golf.


Making the investment into one of these unique devices is something that you’ll appreciate for years to come. What does a rangefinder do? It can improve your golf game by giving you information you can use to make informed shots.

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