Suaoki PRO Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

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Golf is all about accuracy, so you need to plan every shot with precision. This is probably the hardest part of the game, as you don’t want to overshoot or undershoot. So, how do you make this a less time consuming process while adding accuracy to your game? A rangefinder can go a long way to help you select the right club, allowing you to hit your target more often.

Suaoki’s PRO golf laser rangefinder is a portable and compact rangefinder that will not hinder you while you are on the golf course. The rangefinder has a rainproof carry case with a lanyard and single-hand operation that allows you to accurately measure your shot without being slowed down when using it.

Suaoki PRO Golf Laser Rangefinder

If you are an avid golfer looking for a reliable distance measuring tool to have more accurate shots, Suaoki’s PRO golf rangefinder boasts a 656 yard range that easily allows you to get information and measurements on most objects. The 6x magnification gives you an accurate reading within 1 meter of your target. It also has 7 different modes of measurement, in metric and imperial, making the Suaoki PRO perfect for any use, including getting the speed, distance, or height of an object.

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Who is this product for?

This product is ideal for any sport or game that requires you to have accuracy at a distance, such as golf, hunting, and shooting.

What’s included?

This set includes a pair of Suaoki’s PRO golf laser rangefinder, a CR2 3 volt battery, a convenient lanyard, a waterproof carry bag, a wiping cloth to keep the lenses clean, and a user manual with all the necessary information for using the rangefinder with ease.

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Overview of features

The long 656 yard range of the Suaoki PRO allows you to easily check the distances of most objects without needing to move closer. You can also measure objects as close as 4.4 yards should the need arise, particularly with putting.

The rangefinder has a 21 mm objective lens with 6x magnification that boasts incredibly accurate readings within 1 meter of your target, so you can rest assured that you are not getting any miscalculations that could ruin your game. The focus is also adjustable, ensuring that your measurement is exact.

This rangefinder has adaptable modes that you can choose from. It has a flagpole lock, range, fog, golf distance correction, height, horizontal distance, and speed modes which allow you to set the product to any mode that suits your needs. This rangefinder can also detect speeds up to 300 km per hour. The built-in user personalization function allows you to hide the measurement modes that you won’t use or do not need, so you can use the rangefinder even faster.

You can use the Suaoki PRO rangefinder in any weather thanks to the rainproof laser. The product weighs just 152 grams, which is a third of a pound. The convenient lanyard and durable belt-mountable rainproof carry case give you the utmost portability and mobility whenever using this rangefinder.

How to Use It

Simply select which mode you would like using the conveniently located mode button at the top of the rangefinder. The laser will then be emitted to measure your selected choice. By looking through the viewfinder, you can see the result. The easy-to-use one hand operation makes this ideal for quick checks when playing golf.


PinSightz Laser Rangefinder

This product has accuracy within 1 yard of your target and can measure to a maximum of 656 yards away. The PinSightz can measure in yards or meters, depending on your preference. This product boasts advanced user modes which include scan, ranging, horizontal distance measurements, vertical height measurements, speed in miles or kilometers per hour, slope, and flagpole or subject lock which has vibration verification technology that lets you know when you have a lock on your target.

The eyepiece is adjustable and the premium extra-clear lens has a battery indicator. With 6x magnification, you can easily measure any object around you. This rangefinder also has a 21 mm objective lens and multi coated optics. The PinSightz Laser Rangefinder set comes with a belt mountable carry case, a cleaning cloth, a lanyard, a CR2 battery, a quick start guide, and a user manual – everything you need to get started.


No matter whether you are measuring the distance to your next hole or want to plan your shot with greater accuracy, the Suaoki PRO laser rangefinder is exactly what you need. Its compact, rainproof body makes it ideal for any conditions and its 6x magnification means that almost no object is out of reach. Using this product can help you improve your game and doubles up if you are also a fan of hunting or shooting.

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