Learning to Play Golf at 60

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They say you can never be too old to play golf and it is one of the sports that have been growing so much over the last 20-years with new technology being designed. Learning to play golf at 60 is certainly something that many retired or semi-retired individuals are considering. It can be an enjoyable way to get out of the house, improve your health and socialize.

While many are afraid of taking up the sport, we have done some research to find out exactly what it will take for someone of an older age to get into the sport and in this article, you will learn some of the basic things you need to consider and keep in mind when making this decision.

Things You Need To Consider For Learning To Play Golf At 60

Golf can be an adventure and a sure way to have some fun at an older age. However, there are several things that you should keep in mind if you are a beginner and you are looking to start at this age.

Health Conditions:

It is no secret that golf is great for the health and with so much walking, you will need to have a decent level of fitness to have the full experience of the game. However, electric carts have made it possible to get around the course without straining your back and carrying, or even pulling your bag of clubs. It also takes some of the fitness aspects out of the game.

Those with heart conditions need to have a talk with a medical professional. Since golf does pose some physical challenges, the evaluation process should be to see if you could hold up on the course. The doctor should also give you some recommendations for playing a safe game of golf.

Physical Strength:

While no real lifting is required, you will need to understand the swing and this does take some effort. The driver will be your main issue and this requires a little bit of force to get the ball onto the fairway. While walking can be eliminated, the physical aspect of hitting the ball is something that you cannot avoid.

Older Injuries:

Some older injuries can definitely play a role when it comes to golf. If you have been playing baseball for the better part of your adult life, chances are those shoulder injuries are at a premium. We would recommend that you have these injuries evaluated to see if they have fully recovered as it might be aggravated by golf games and the aggressive swings.

Pro Lessons:

Novice golfers starting at any age should consider taking pro lessons to get into the game. There are many technical aspects that people don’t understand when they start out and these can be pointed out by a pro. The lessons don’t need to be too long as you will likely grasp the concept of the game relatively fast.

The pro giving you the lessons are likely to give you some expert advice to simplify the game at your age as well. This can help you shine among your friends at the club and you will be more likely to play to your strengths than taking casual advice from other players.


Equipment can be really expensive and you need to keep this in mind when starting your golfing journey, it is important to have the ideal equipment for playing the game at the age that you are. We would also recommend looking into the financial aspects of the game before starting your golfing experience.

Benefits Of Playing Golf At 60:

Playing golf at any age will have significant benefits. Here are a couple of the main benefits that you could expect to have when you do start playing golf at an older age:

  • Quick adaptation: Compared to children with a smaller attention span, older players will grasp the concepts a little faster and this could help them improve their game at a much faster pace.
  • Health Benefits: Sitting in the comfort of your own home is not always the best option and studies have suggested that many people regress much faster. The added fitness will be great for your health and it can even help the elderly overcome some of the minor niggles that might be plaguing.
  • Social friendships: Going out is not really part of your life at this age and while you will be making friends in your local community, golf will make the world a little smaller. Building friendships and socializing is really great for a positive mindset and much like any other sport, golf makes this possible.
  • Available free time: If you are retired, you might have some time free and this is perfect for golf. Golf is a sport that does require a lot of time and now you can invest a lot of time in learning the game.

Final Thoughts

Playing golf is one of the best ways to enjoy your retirement and stay fit. Along with tennis, it is also the most common sports chosen by the elderly and this is why we would say that you can never be too old to start playing golf.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and encourage you to share some of your thoughts on learning to play golf at 60. Let us know if you have experience and how you got into the game successfully.

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