Eyoyo AF-700L Rangefinder Review

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A rangefinder is an innovative piece of equipment that has evolved as camera technology has improved. Used primarily in hunting, shooting, and golf, this revolutionary device can help you measure distances to ensure accuracy when aiming at a target thanks to their powerful lenses.

A rangefinder is not an item you want to be without when you need precision. The Eyoyo AF-700L rangefinder allows you to increase the accuracy of each shot with ease. This product is also rainproof, so you can use it even if it is raining. Plus, it is very lightweight, making it a breeze to carry along with you.

Eyoyo AF-700L Rangefinder Review

The Eyoyo AF-700L rangefinder uses professional technology that makes it more accurate and rapid when measuring your target distance. This rangefinder can also help you to determine the distance to trees, flags, and hazards. Take the guesswork out of measuring distances. With this rangefinder, you can increase your accuracy while enjoying a great game experience.

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Who is this product for?

If you like to watch car racing or horse racing, or you participate in hunting, shooting, or golfing, then this rangefinder will help you enjoy the experience even more. Plus, with the ability to measure a moving target’s speed up to 300 km per hour, you have everything you need to increase your accuracy.

What’s included?

This durable rangefinder comes with a waterproof carry case, a strap for easy carrying, a 3 volt CR2 battery with a 2 month standby time, a cleaning cloth for your lens, and a user manual to ensure you know how to get the most from your rangefinder.

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Overview of features

The Eyoyo rangefinder is a nifty waterproof rangefinder that boasts precision through its laser. It has an impressive range of 5 yards to 700 yards and a 6x magnification which gives you very accurate results. You can also measure the speed of an object up to 300 kilometers per hour within a 5 kilometer per hour range.

You can easily change between the units of measurement. You can choose between meters and yards for measuring distance, but you can measure an object’s speed in either meters per second or kilometers per second.

This rangefinder is very pleasant to handle and easy to use. It has two buttons: the first is used to turn the rangefinder on and to operate the device and the other is used to select and change the mode. There are multiple functions such as flag mast lock, scanning, speed, and fog mode. Depending on the different situations you find yourself in, you can switch between the modes.

The weight of this rangefinder is just 180 grams, which can be seen as a bit too light when compared with other laser rangefinders. This is because it could easily fall out of your pocket without you noticing, so you will have to keep it on the strap.

For its very reasonable price point, it is easy to enjoy the features and great value for money. Plus, the 18 month warranty speaks to its high quality which will allow you to rest assured when using this rangefinder.

The carry bag also makes it easy to keep your rangefinder simple thanks to its weatherproof capabilities. This allows you to attach the carry bag to your golf bag without any concern about the elements affecting the usability and functionality of your rangefinder.

How to Use It

Select a mode that is more suitable for your activity by using the mode button that is conveniently located at the top of the rangefinder. The laser is emitted and will measure the distance to your target. By looking into the lens, you will see the resulting measurement. The one hand operation makes this rangefinder easy to use and ideal for quick distance checks when hunting, golfing, or shooting.


Bushnell Scout DX 1000 Arc Rangefinder

This high end rangefinder has 6x magnification and accuracy to within ½ a yard. This Bushnell product boasts a 1-inch LED display which shows all of the useful information you need while hunting, golfing, or shooting. It is a compact and lightweight solution at just 450 grams, making it easy to handle while out in nature. This device also has night vision, so you can use it in the dark. Its rubber construction also ensures durability and longevity. This rangefinder is quite pricey, but very versatile.


You can easily choose the Eyoyo rangefinder with peace, knowing that it has all of the features a golfers, hunters, shooters, or sports enthusiasts could need. This rangefinder has high accuracy, which means you can improve your game using it. The rainproof properties make it a convenient any-weather choice, and the price point is very reasonable based on the high quality build and features that this Eyoyo rangefinder offers you.

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