Essential Golf Clubs for Beginners

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If playing golf is something you are interested in or have thought about trying, then considering what the most essential golf clubs for beginners are is something you need to understand. With so many different clubs, it can be hard for a beginner to know what they will need and more importantly what not to get. Nevertheless, with the right clubs, you will find it a little easier to navigate the course.

With the help of some pros and some additional in-depth research, we have done some of the legwork to find the most important clubs. During my years of playing and watching the game, I have also picked up a few tips regarding the right clubs and this has made life so much easier when playing. If you are a beginner, these are the most important clubs to get you started.

Golf Clubs For Beginners

Golf can be an expensive sport and having all the clubs can be beneficial, but as a beginner, you will not have the skill or the knowledge to utilize them all. As a beginner, you are looking to get the best value equipment and still enjoy the game. These are the most important clubs that you will be using on most courses. However, you should keep in mind that your technique would play a major role in the clubs you are using.


The driver is the most important part of the kit and it is the club that is used to tee off from the starting spot. This is used in conjunction with the tee to elevate the ball and get much more distance. The club is the heaviest in your kit and can be used on almost any par 4 or par 5 holes. Some players also have the skill to use it on longer par 3 holes. The driver is also the longest club in your bag compared to the others.


The best option for the beginner: 3 wood

The wood will be the second most powerful club in your arsenal. It is also one of the longer clubs and as a beginner; the 3 wood is your best friend. Many of the pros also use the 4 and 5 woods, but these can be quite hard to master as a beginner.

The wood is used to drive the ball closer to the putting green from the fairway. However, you should keep in mind that while it does offer plenty of distance; it does not offer much in terms of loft (lifting the ball into the air). The ball tends to go far and flat, which is great for windy conditions and longer par 5 holes.


Best options for beginners: 3, 5, 7, and 9 iron or hybrid instead of 3 iron

The irons are commonly used for lofting the ball onto the green and they can help you get out of multiple sticky situations. In the older days, the irons were made from solid iron, hence the name of the club. However, in modern times, irons are made from durable alloy steel and they are much lighter as well.

Irons range from one to ten and it is great for beginners to have at least 3 different irons. The length of the iron will vary as well. We recommend having one short, medium, and long iron in your kit as they will offer varying degrees of loft.

The best short iron for beginners will be the 9 iron. This club is perfect for maximum accuracy but offers minimal distance. It is used for between 70 and 130-yards. With the larger face of the 9-iron, it offers significantly more loft.

For the middle irons, beginners should choose between the 5 and 7 iron. We recommend choosing both the varying degrees of the face. These irons are perfect for ranges of between 130 and 180-yards. They also offer larger faces for more loft, but not as much as the 9 iron.

The long iron will be the final one you need to consider and the 3 iron is your best option. It is perfect for distances of 180-210 yards and offers excellent loft and distance. However, this also makes them a little harder to manage. Some players simply ditch the iron and choose the hybrid. This is a combination of the best features of the fairway woods and the irons.


The best option for beginners: Traditional sand wedge

Beginners should invest in at least one wedge for there kit. There are many wedges on the market today and they all vary in size, but for beginners, the standard sand wedge should do the trick. The sand wedge will help you out of the sand trap and offers excellent loft. However, they can also be used for achieving short distances on under 100-yards on your approach.


The putter is the final piece of the puzzle and you will only need one putter in your kit. There is a wide variety of putters on the market today and the ideal putter will depend solely on your technique and what you feel comfortable with. If you like a longer swing, a lighter putter with a longer shaft will be beneficial, but you will need to test a couple of putters to see what works best for you.

Final Thoughts

When looking at the essential clubs if you are a beginner, you might be stumped with all the options. However, now you have all the knowledge to find the right clubs for your needs. If you can complete this basic kit, you will be ready to get started. Players can have up to 14 clubs in their kit, but why spend all that money if you are a beginner.

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