Do I Need a Travel Bag for Golf Clubs?

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Playing golf in a local setting is great and easy because you never have to worry about transporting your clubs too far. If you’re been around the course a few times, you might have seen people with travel bags for their clubs. Now if you’re planning a golf getaway, you might be wondering whether or not you should invest in a travel bag yourself! In this article, we’ll examine all the pros and cons of these bags ranging from sizing to pricing.

What is The Purpose of a Travel Bag?

A travel bag for golf is a large, soft or hard case that will protect your clubs from damage. They come in many different shapes and sizes but their main goal is to get all your clubs safely from one destination to another. While at first it might seem like a superfluous purchase, it’s important to consider how your luggage gets handled by others when you’re traveling. If you’ve ever sat in a window seat on a flight and watched the airport crew throw your luggage around, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If your clubs are valuable to you, you won’t want to picture them sitting underneath three suitcases and tumbling around in the back of an airplane.

 Why Should I Get One?

There are a number of reasons why someone might want to invest in a travel bag. If your clubs are new, or very pricey, you’ll want to make sure they aren’t getting damaged. This could be as simple as preventing a scratch or as severe as preventing a distortion in the shaft. The majority of golf resorts are in remote destinations and bumpy drives can be a great source of frustration if you’re unable to guarantee your clubs are going to arrive in one piece. There’s only so much an airline can do after your equipment has been mishandled, so it’s often best to be safe rather than sorry… Even with insurance to cover damages, the hassle of dealing with the claim and the inconvenience of arriving at your resort with snapped clubs is one I wouldn’t risk.

Why Shouldn’t I Get One?

 The biggest issue with travel bags for golf clubs is their size. Apart from being large, they’re heavy, especially when packed with all your equipment. Lugging one of these around is not easy if you’re also juggling a suitcase or traveling alone. Now, some of these bags do have wheels which makes them slightly easier to maneuver but still, we’re talking about 10 lbs just for the bag. If you’re not traveling by plane/driving to your destination or if your equipment is second hand, it might not be worth the hefty price tag (and weight) of a travel bag. Just keep an eye on your luggage and hope for the best!

How Much Do They Cost?

Due to their size and bulky material, travel bags can be expensive. But, thanks to the internet, you can always find a cheaper alternative. Amazon features tons of options for travel bags ranging in prices. Ideally, you would pick something in the middle. Since you’re already splurging on something to protect your equipment, you want to make sure it’s going to get the job done. Wheels on a case are a great option especially if your bag and clubs are heavy however these will be a mid-price range option while more affordable options feature backpack straps. Luckily I’ve put in some of the legwork here and reviewed a range of budget to deluxe travel bags, so check out my in-depth reviews.

 What are Airline Requirements?

Different airlines have different requirements but there are certain assumptions you can make across the board. First of all, a golf travel bag will always be considered as oversize luggage. You’ll always have to check it in, and it might be subject to overweight fees. Although some airlines factor sports equipment into ticket costs, be sure to check ahead of time. Another handy trick is to avoid flights that have layovers or connections because that’s when airlines are most likely to misplace your luggage. When booking a flight, always check their baggage policies in order to ensure you won’t have any surprises regarding you golf equipment when you arrive at the airport.

 Size and Necessary Transportation

Due to their size and weight, special transportation might be necessary when considering how you’re going to get from your house to the airport (or bus station). If you drive a car on the smaller side, the travel bag might not fit, especially if you have other luggage with you. Another aspect to take into consideration is how often you’ll be needing to travel with your equipment. Is it often enough to justify the purchase? While it is nice to have your own equipment, especially if it was expensive, it might be easier to simply rent some at your destination. This is entirely up to your, however if your seasoned golfer like me then you will want to be playing with your own clubs, especially if you’re playing in an important event or competition.

In summary, while these bags can be quite popular, it’s up to you to evaluate your needs and figure out if buying one is the right choice for you!

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