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learning golf later in life

Learning to Play Golf at 60

They say you can never be too old to play golf and it is one of the sports that have been growing so much over the last 20-years with new technology being designed. Learning to play golf at 60 is certainly something that many retired or semi-retired individuals are considering. It can be an enjoyable […]

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what do i need to play golf

Essential Golf Clubs for Beginners

If playing golf is something you are interested in or have thought about trying, then considering what the most essential golf clubs for beginners are is something you need to understand. With so many different clubs, it can be hard for a beginner to know what they will need and more importantly what not to […]

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college golf scholarship

How Does College Golf Recruitment Work?

Joining a college through a sports program is an excellent way to further both your career and education with the help of a scholarship and coaching. So how does college golf recruitment work? Since golf is a non-revenue sport, teams often aren’t as big when compared to other sports. That means having good grades is […]

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what is proper golf attire

Golf Attire for Beginners

So you wanna play golf? You might think all it takes is some clubs and some golf balls but in reality, the majority of golf courses have dress codes! Not to worry though, we’re here to help you figure out what the proper golf attire for beginners is and get you out on that course […]

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30 golf terms for beginners

Golf Terminology for Beginners

If you’ve landed on this page I’m guessing you are a novice golfer or you’re thinking about taking up the game.  The sport has grown immensely over the last 50 years or so and is a fun sociable way to get out and exercise. If your new to the sport this guide to golf terminology […]

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What is a Golf Handicap for a Beginner? (Guide)

You’ve just taken up golf and spent several hours on the range practicing. You decide that it’s time to play a real round of golf. But what’s this about a handicap? What is a golf handicap for a beginner? Do I need a handicap to play golf on my local course? Well, I’m here to […]

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