Callaway Chrome Soft vs Supersoft vs Chrome Soft X: Which one to buy?

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Choosing your preferred and best golf ball of choice can be a laborious task not to mention expensive if you are buying multiple different balls to try out. With so many different golf balls on the market, it’s difficult to know which one to choose. Luckily I have given you a helping hand and I’m reviewing three of the best sellers from the renowned Callaway range against each other. I’ll look at the pros and cons of each and I’ll recommend which one you should be putting at the top of your list for your next golf outing.

Let’s take a look at the Callaway Chrome Soft vs Supersoft vs Chrome Soft X and see which one comes out on top.


Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

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The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls just like the name would suggest are the softest feeling balls in the company’s lineup. The soft feel results from a low compression core that spins less off the tee, which in return reduces sidespin and allows them to fly straight.

Available in a choice of four exciting colors – pink, multi, white and yellow, the Supersoft golf ball features a new and improved core for faster ball speed, and low spin to travel longer distances on full shots.

Adding to this, the Supersoft balls boast unmatched HEX aerodynamic dimple pattern complete with refined surface contours, which collectively enhances lift and reduces drag for better carry across longer distances.

The balls feature a tri-ionomer cover, which enhances softness for a better feel, and a better hot-stopping wedge spin. The Callaway Supersoft ball is geared towards players with lower clubhead speeds, and performs well both on intermediate shots and off the tee.

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  • Softest balls in Callaway’s lineup
  • Good feel around the green
  • Available in a choice of 4 colors including pink and yellow
  • HEX aerodynamic pattern
  • Tri-ionomer cover for softness
  • Set comes with a dozen balls


  • Quality of cover could be improved
  • 2 piece ball
  • Durability
  • Marks easily
  • The lowest spin rate of the three

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Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

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The Callaway Chrome Soft ball set comes with a dozen balls, each backed by Callaway’s exclusive Dual SoftFast Core technology. This high level of innovative engineering is designed for both novice and seasoned players with low spin looking to improve their ball speed.

Each ball features a 4-layer construction – Dual SoftFast Core layer to reduce spin off the tee, ability to approach shots with a soft feel and compress the ball on iron shots for longer periods thanks low compression.

The Dual SoftFast Core of the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball is infused with graphene and features a new and larger inner-core, which maximizes compression energy while reducing driver spin and encouraging a higher launch for longer distances.

If you haven’t heard of graphene, it is an incredibly strong material that is often touted as being 200 times stronger than steel. The mantle layer of the Callaway Chrome golf ball retains energy from the core layer, and provides better control and spin with scoring clubs.

The ball features a tour urethane cover, which is the softest and most durable in Callaway’s lineup and grips the clubface for top-notch control around the green. And to top things off, the HEX aerodynamics optimize lift and lower drag rates to help increase distance.

Available in a choice of five color combinations including white, yellow and yellow/black, the Callaway Chrome Soft ball set can help you deliver your best performance on the course, and greatly lower your handicap by a few strokes.

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  • 12 balls in set
  • 4-layer construction includes mantle layer and HEX aerodynamics
  • Low compression for a soft feel
  • Dual SoftFast Core technology for faster speeds


  • Limited number of color combinations available
  • Medium to soft seel

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Callaway Chrome Soft X

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The Callaway Chrome Soft X is billed as the ball with tour performance and soft feel. This ball is from Callaway’s premium range hence why it comes out as one of the most expensive it’s in competition with the likes of Titleist Pro V1X

It has the Callaway HEX aerodynamic dimple pattern complete with refined surface contours. User feedback reports that the ball has a medium to hard feel around the green but with good spin rates. Unlike the supersoft, you will feel this ball being harder however you will get better spin on your wedge and chip shots.

It’s a 4 piece ball and the cover is the same as the Chrome Soft, users report good durability on the cover with no significant marks after several shots. Callaway says this ball is more forgiving with a piercing trajectory and low spin from the driver which effectively means greater distance. Given that the ball is at the premium end you want to be sure this ball is for you. It will depend on how you like your golf ball to feel. I’d say if you really like a harder feeling ball but want good spin around the green then this is the ball for you.

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  • Available in a choice of 5 different designs
  • 4 piece construction ball
  • Graphene Dual Soft Fast Core
  • High spin rates on full shots
  • HEX aerodynamic pattern
  • The set comes with a dozen balls
  • Excellent durability


  • Medium to hard feel
  • Most expensive of the three

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Check out this review of all three balls which includes all balls being hit on an indoor simulator and all the data from spin rates to trajectory.

Final Verdict

The Callaway golf balls come from one of the most reputed names in the golf arena, which alone speaks volumes about the quality and performance you can expect. Choosing which ball is right for you will come down to personal preference but hopefully, this review has given you enough information about which to make an informed choice.

The supersoft is great around the green and has a great feel but spin on full shots in low and its durability could be better. However, it is still a great ball for those that like a really soft feel.  The Chrome Soft X has a slightly harder feel but does have a better spin rate around the green.

My preference is the Chrome Soft which feels nice, gives greater spin around the green on those high piercing shots to the flag and it doesn’t compromise on distance due to the unique cover design. I’d recommend the Chrome Soft if your swing speed is close to three figures or higher and you like to play high approach shots to the pin. If your games not at this level yet I’d recommend the Super Soft as the next best option.

Alternatively, if you’re a regular on the course and score well around the green with high approach shots and hit the ball long, then you can’t go wrong with the premium Chrome Soft X. I hope this has helped you in your next choice of golf balls.


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