Best Golf Glove for Rain or Sweaty Hands: Comfort Plus Protection

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Wet weather might try to get you down, but you shouldn’t let it ruin your golf game. Even though golfing in the rain can be inconvenient, it’s not impossible, and when you need to go out in wet conditions, you need the best golf glove for rain. Additionally, these gloves are great for golfers who suffer from sweaty palms in hot weather so if you’re looking for the best golf glove for sweaty hands keep on reading.  

There are a few key factors in a good rain golf glove: breathable, quick-drying fabric, good grip control, and a comfortable fit that won’t slide around. Not every glove has these things, so you’ll want to make sure that you have the right pair of gloves if you often deal with rainy afternoons. As such, let’s take a closer look at the three rain gloves and find out if any of them are right for your golfing needs.

Best Golf Glove for Rain: Our Top Picks

1. Finger Ten Golf Glove with Rain Grip

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This pair of golf gloves is made for men and women with different sized hands and is explicitly designed to be worn in wet conditions while still working well in dry conditions. While the brand isn’t the most common name, these gloves are an affordable option that has some exciting features.

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Let’s talk about the various features of this glove so that you can get a better understanding of what it offers and what it does not.

  • Sizing and Colors

The first notable feature about these golf gloves is that they are made in multiple variations. There are gloves specifically for men or women, and there are also five different sizes for both genders. Every size variation is also available in three different colors, so there are many options available with this design.

  • Easy Stretch

Because of the construction style of these gloves, they will stretch out a little bit with regular wear. This ensures that they fit your hands perfectly after wearing them for quite some time. Also, the mesh is durable but will have enough give to be comfortable.

  • Compression Fit

Unlike many other rain gloves, these gloves offer a compression-style fit because of the use of slightly stretchy elastic around most of the glove while still quite snug. This compression fit adds to their comfort level.

The design of the glove overall is precision fitted so that it will stay in place but not restrict your movements. It also has stretchable areas so that it can provide you with a snug yet flexible fit throughout your entire swing.

  • One or Both

This particular design from Finger Ten is available as a pair of gloves for players who prefer to wear two gloves and also in single glove orders for those who only wear a glove on their dominant hand. Meaning, you do not have to buy the pair if you do not want to.

If you want to save money and know that you will go through these gloves quickly, it is also possible to invest in a two-pack. The two-pack can include two full pairs of gloves or two of the same-handed glove.

  • Performance Mesh

These gloves are made out of high-quality, 3D performance mesh. This mesh wicks moisture away from your hands and is breathable. Mesh like this dries quickly even when golfing in very wet conditions. It will not also stick to your hands when wet like some other materials might do.

With performance mesh, your gloves can dry quickly, but they do not have to be dry to work properly. Some gloves do not work well when wet, but that is not the case with this pair of gloves.

If you have sweaty hands, this performance mesh is what will save you. It keeps your sweaty palms from causing slippage while simultaneously ensuring that your gloves are breathable so that the sweatiness doesn’t get any worse, even in humid conditions.

  • Palm Knit Material

This glove accomplishes having a good grip while also being made of a breathable mesh by having the palm area made out of a knit material. Knit maintains its grip functionality when wet. Even though the knit areas might not dry as quickly as the mesh areas, it will ensure that you can keep a good grip throughout your swings.

Even when the glove gets wet from rain or sweat, the knit palm ensures that it doesn’t slip. The knit is similar to a low-quality suede material, but it doesn’t have the same quality that a higher-quality microsuede would have. Still, the fibers stay upright even when wet which is what helps to create a good grip on your clubs.  


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Easy to find the right size
  • Keeps excellent grip even when soaking wet
  • Durable even with regular use


  • Need to be stretched out
  • Fingers too long for some hands
  • Not much padding to prevent hand soreness

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2. Footjoy RainGrip Gloves

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Footjoy has a reputation for making these specific rain gloves, but many people may not know about their features. Regardless, these gloves have been well known since launched in 1996 for being many golfers’ go-to-choice when a rainy day rolls in.

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Let’s learn more about them so that you can decide if they may be the right gloves for your needs when wet weather is taking over your round of golf.

  • Auto Suede Grip

Both the palm and index finger region of these gloves is made out of a type of suede. When wet, this suede keeps its shape and even has some fibers that stand up naturally. This stiffness in the fiber is what gives you a good grip even when the glove is wet.

The suede covers both the palm and the index finger, which are the key areas where golfers need a better grip during a downpour. Without a good grip, you would feel your hand sliding while trying to get a good swing and that could take away from your game.

However, many people prefer to use this glove when it is wet over when it is dry as the fibers tend to have a better grip when wet than when dry.

  • QuickDry Back

The back of the glove has a QuickDry mesh panel, which aims to release heat, moisture, and sweat while also increasing breathability in the glove. Since there is little breathability on the suede sections of this glove, this panel is key for overall comfort of these gloves.

This panel also helps make these gloves more comfortable when using them not only during wet days but also on hot, humid days. Sweaty palms can become a problem on these days, but the suede prevents moisture from leaking through your glove while the panel ensures that as much of that moisture as possible is released from your hands.

  • Bonus Slots

In addition to having an easy-to-close velcro closure, the FootJoy RainGrip Glove also has a small set of elastic loops which can hold up to three tees. This makes it easy to find a tee even when you’re trying to finish up a game in a downpour.

Additionally, the glove comes with a small ball marker that is also attached to the glove itself. This means you won’t need to search through your belongings or risk getting anything wet to find your marker while golfing in the rain.

  • A Reputation for Quality

Since FootJoy has been making these and other golf products for more than 20 years, you can expect a quality product that will stand up to the test of time. Should you have any issues with the durability of the gloves, contacting FootJoy to express your concerns should not be an issue, which makes these gloves more appealing than other off-brand choices.

In fact, these gloves come with a limited one-year warranty. Should you find that the gloves do not live up to your standards or they rip too quickly for your taste, you can contact the company to have a replacement sent out as soon as possible.


  • Work great on both hot, humid days and on super rainy days
  • Does not feel like the club is going to slip when using these
  • Simplifies your round of golf
  • Doesn’t stretch
  • Dries quickly


  • Doesn’t grip well when dry
  • Too stiff to use when dry
  • Sizing may be confusing

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3. Mizuno RainFit Golf Gloves

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Like FootJoy, Mizuno is a well-known golf gear brand, but does their name being well-known automatically imply that their golf gloves will work well? Rather than assume anything, let’s take a closer look at what their gloves are capable of.

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Mizuno has a lot of experience with golfers and their needs. Do those needs become apparent in this pair of RainFit gloves’ features?

  • Synthetic Suede Grip

The extra grip provided by these gloves is created by the use of synthetic suede on the palm and underneath of the fingers. Suede has an excellent quality for staying stiff and upright when wet, so the grip produced remains strong even in a downpour.

One thing that should be noted about suede is that while it keeps a grip, it also is not a very breathable fabric. For that reason, the palms of your hands will not always feel dry, so you will have to learn how to feel the outside grip that is produced over time.

  • Angled Curves and Flexibility

One thing that is easy to love about these RainFit Golf Gloves is the way that they are made to have a natural curve to them that will flex with your movement. In addition to pre-formed curves for the palm and fingers, there are various angular tabs and elastic components in this glove.

What do those components mean for the fit?

Even as you flex your fingers or swing your club, the glove will move with you. This type of flexibility prevents you from feeling constrained. Some rain gloves focus only on the grip, while these gloves focus on both grip and comfort.

  • FleshMesh Insert

We mentioned that these gloves do not have the most breathable palm area, but Mizuno did make an effort to find some manner of breathability. There are a few different FleshMesh inserts on the glove that make them more breathable than they would be otherwise.

Still, these panels do not necessarily make the glove breathable enough to be used on hot and humid days. Instead, the panels help relieve natural buildup caused during the hands-on days when it is raining while you get in your round of golf.  

  • Japanese Quality, Japanese Style

Many products made in Japan are known for their quality due to the additional attention to detail that is often put in by Japanese companies. As a Japanese company, Mizuno is no different when it comes to this attention to detail.

These gloves are very well crafted, and they were made better year after year throughout production. That being said, Mizuno no longer produces this exact model of rain golf gloves, but the same quality that they put into their new models went into these gloves as well. They are still a golf-fan favorite.


  • Stylish design; fashionable to wear
  • Flexibility makes them very comfortable
  • Reliable brand
  • Durable
  • Never slips


  • Can feel damp on the inside during a heavy downpour
  • No longer manufactured by the retailer

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The Verdict

Among these three golf gloves, the best golf glove for rain has to be the Footjoy RainGrip Gloves because it has great control even in wet conditions, and you can expect these gloves to dry quickly. Additionally, they help your hands to feel both comfortable and dry while wearing them. That is key to having a good day golfing even when it is wet outside.

If you prefer something that may be slightly more affordable, you may want to try the Finger Ten Golf Glove with Rain Grip. It stands out for its price which can help you save money while still getting a better grip than you would have without gloves or with regular golf gloves. Still, the knit isn’t as great at keeping the grip as the suede used in the Mizuno and FootJoy rain gloves are.

No matter which pair of golf gloves you ultimately decide will work for those random wet weather days, you’ll find that all three of these pair of gloves can help you get in a good round of golf even when the sky is looking a bit gray.

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