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My Golf Journey

Hello, fellow golfer, my name is Jim Harper and I am the founder of ForeMyGolf and I’m here to help you on your own golf journey.

I am a golf enthusiast with just over 30 years on the course. I began playing at the age of eleven way back in 1988.

My uncle was a keen golfer at the time and I remember watching The Masters with him that year. The likes of Freddie Couples, Greg Norman, Tom Watson, Seve Ballesteros, Sandy Lyle, Mark  Calcavecchia all captured my intrigue and imagination.

I was amazed how accurate they could hit and land such a small ball so close to the flag, from what seemed to be so far away. From that point I was hooked and I begged my uncle to let me have a go with his clubs.

He went one better and he cut down some of his old clubs so I could get started. He gave me a 3 wood made from real wood, 7 iron and a pitching wedge that looked more like a huge spoon to me. He showed me how to grip the club and swing it with some sort of rhythm. I must admit it seemed a little daunting at first.

Luckily I lived close to a farmer’s field that I could go and whack a few balls around. It took a while but eventually, I think I got my eye in. Several months later, I had managed to persuade my parents to buy me a junior starter set for my birthday… a Wilson half set in a classic red and white bag.

I absolutely loved that set and it’s what I used to play on a course for the first time. For the next several years I spent my summers literally living at the golf club. It truly was my passion and still is today. I was even lucky enough to represent my own club at junior and adult level in regional competitions.

Fast forward to today, I’m currently a single figure handicapper with a decent short game, however, my approach shots to the greens could do with some work. I’m also a little wild with the driver now and again, but who isn’t?  Golf can be a frustrating game sometimes and there are plenty of rules, problems, and issues that can arise. Even the seasoned veterans struggle.

I remember starting out as a novice golfer and having so many questions for my peers who had been playing years. I wish I’d had a resource to help me when I was a beginner. With this in mind I decided to create ForeMyGolf so that I can help other golfers like you, who need advice, hints or even recommendations on equipment.

My Vision

I want to give something back to the golfing community that has given me so much enjoyment. With this in mind, I’ve created this website as a resource and a place to help fellow golfers move forward on their own golfing journey. I’ve always had loads of questions in my time as a golfer, whether it’s about etiquette, technique or what equipment to buy.

Over the last 30 years, I’ve probably been through all the trials and tribulations a player goes through. ForeMyGolf intends to help you with all those problems including hints, tips and my own reviews of the latest equipment. If you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran I’m sure you can find some valuable information here to help.

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Thanks for visiting and enjoy the website

Jim Harper

Founder, ForeMyGolf